Batch Ordering Employment, Tenant, or Creditor-Related

Consumer Reports


Who can do it, how does it work, and what is the cost?

If you order a high volume of employment, tenant, or creditor-related consumer reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis, batch ordering may be something that has crossed your mind. Whether it is 10 reports you are ordering or 100, attaching all authorization and application files to an e-mail or sending them through a fax machine and then waiting for the reports to be completed on your InstaScreen user interface can be frustrating – especially if you are on a time crunch.

Batch ordering provides an option to AAA Credit Screening’s clients who would prefer to cut out the delay. If you are interested in getting your reports back faster, with no need to e-mail or fax in requests, at no extra cost, continue reading!

Batch Ordering Step One: Let AAA Credit Screening Know You’re Interested

The first and most important step in batch ordering is contacting AAA Credit Screening – either by phone or e-mail – to tell us that you are interested in batch ordering. The reason for this is because there are a few key account settings that must be changed before you can proceed with the batch ordering process. Additionally, AAA Credit Screening batch ordering specialists can help customize a template that will fit your exact batch ordering needs. Anyone can qualify for batch ordering, it simply is a matter of spending some time to set up your template and making your first order. There is no additional cost for batch ordering – you will be charged the same as if you had submitted each order individually. Additionally, batch ordering does not require that you upload or send AAA Credit Screening any authorization or application forms. Simply retain these forms on file for a minimum of 2 years so they may be requested in the event of an audit.

Batch Ordering Step Two: Using Your Customized Template

After you have contacted AAA Credit Screening, you will be provided with a customized template that looks something like this:

(you can click on images to enlarge them)

batch ordering reports
Notice the first row of the template. These are your template headers.

Starting with column “A” is the Tracking ID – this is an optional field that you can utilize to make finding your applicants easier once the batch order is completed. In this example, after this batch order is submitted, “EX01” can be searched in your InstaScreen search bar to find this particular report on Hank Mess.

employment reports

Once you hit “Go,” you will be taken to the applicant, or list of applicants, for whom you used the respective Tracking ID. The Tracking ID can also be seen at the top of the results page:

employment screening

The next column in your template (“B”) is the Requesting User.

The batch ordering specialist who assisted you in Step One should have set the contents of this column to match the first and last name of the user who will be making the batch orders in the “LastName, FirstName” format. The formatting of this column is very important, as no request will go through without a Requesting User. The first and last name MUST match the first and last name for one of the users we have set up on your account, and will look something like this:

background checks

How do you know that the RequestingUser column is filled out correctly? You can check on the results page of any of your previously ordered reports to see who the Requesting User was:

order credit report

If the requestor name on the results page (linked with the requestor name on your account) or on the RequestingUser column has a spelling mistake, this must be fixed before proceeding with the batch order. You can edit the RequestingUser column, or contact AAA Credit Screening customer service to have the requestor name on your account changed.

The next columns, “C,” “D,” and “E,” should be “QuickApp,” “ProductName,” and “Screenings,” respectively. The batch ordering specialist helping you in Step One should have set up these columns similarly to this:

employee records

The “QuickApp” column will always be filled with “no” and the “Screenings” column will always be filled with “default.” This serves to bypass several settings that would slow down the batch ordering process.

What requires your attention is column D – the Product Name.

The product name must match exactly what we have named the type of report you desire in the InstaScreen interface. This example uses the product name for motor vehicle reports. If you require additional product names that were not included in your template, you must contact AAA Credit Screening. Not all products (report types) can be batch ordered, but most instant reports can be, as long as your account has those specific products enabled for batch ordering – a setting which your batch ordering specialist must enable.

Columns “F” and beyond are for applicant information – the personal information belonging to the individual who you wish to obtain a report on:

applicant check

These columns will vary based on what product(s) you informed the batch ordering specialist that you wanted to order. Different products require different information – for example, a motor vehicle report would require the applicant’s Driver’s License number, whereas a credit report would not. A credit report, on the other hand, will always require the applicant’s social security number, whereas a motor vehicle report would not. When adding new products to your batch order template, always seek the advice of AAA Credit Screening batch order specialists to be sure that you have sufficient applicant information for those products.

Batch Ordering Step Three: Making the Batch Order

You made it! It is time to submit the batch order. First, you will click on the “ORDER” tab, found up at the top of your InstaScreen user interface. Even if you did not have this tab on your webpage prior to this process – it should have been added by your batch ordering specialist in Step One:

background check

If you are missing this tab, contact AAA Credit Screening right away.

Assuming you have the tab on your user interface, and you are able to click it, the default screen will be “New Order”:

tenant screening

This screen, while useful if you are making a single order, is not where you need to be to make a batch order.

On the left sidebar, you will need to click “Batch Order” to get to the correct ordering screen:

criminal records

From here, you will click “Browse”:

employment screening

And select the batch order template you wish to upload for ordering:

order batch employment reports

Note that the template must be saved as a .CSV file to properly communicate the information to the InstaScreen system.

Once you have uploaded the file, you will click “Import”:

employment screening reports

The system may take a few minutes to process your request, depending on how many rows of applicants you have on your .CSV file. AAA Credit Screening suggests ordering no more than 150 reports at one time, for fast processing.

Once the request has been processed, it should list out the row number, status, last name, and file number of the orders:

background check report

If one or more of the orders did not go through, the line will be red, listing the row number with the error in question, followed by an error description:

tenant screening report

If the reason for the error is not apparent, or you do not know how to fix the problem, contact AAA Credit Screening for assistance.

If you understand what the problem is and what needs to be fixed in your file, you can resubmit the orders that did not go through.


Only resubmit the orders that are listed in red. If you resubmit the entire batch order, including those that appeared in green, you will have duplicate orders and will be responsible for any duplicate charges.

Now any orders you have made should be viewable in the reports tab, by searching for the Reference ID, or by searching by the file number.

It is always helpful to take a screenshot of the import results screen, especially if some of your orders did not go through. That way, you have a complete list of all orders submitted and their respective file numbers or error codes.

For more information, contact us at 1-888-282-0447