Hurricane Harvey

August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard during the past week and continues to be a source of destruction as rivers and reservoirs are breached leaving people with wrecked nerves hoping that their levys will hold.

The aftermath of such a historical storm will continue on for months if not years while victims try to pick up the pieces and rebuild, but rebuild they will! It has been amazing to see how people from all over have come together to help out neighbors and complete strangers!
contractor background checks
AAA Credit Screening Services is part of the Houston community and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey and wanted to write this article to make home owners and all victims aware of some of the dangers out there during this time of recovery and repair.

While there have been many wonderful people from all over the country that came all the way to Texas to help, there have also been many "storm chasers" that followed. They drive around neighborhoods and offer their services, or even tell you that YOUR insurance company sent them to your house. Please be aware and extra careful before you sign anything from someone that just showed up at your home! They could be scam artists.

Some things to think about/ask:

  • If they say your insurance company sent them, ask them to provide you with your claim number, if your insurance company did send them, then they should have it!
  • Call your insurance company and ask them if they sent someone and who
  • Be careful when signing contracts, receipts or anything that might end up as a contract for someone to use to make a claim against your insurance without you even knowing
  • If you make any emergency repairs, they should be temporary until you have talked to your insurance company and they sent out an adjuster
  • Keep all receipts and use them when filing your insurance claim
If you do have someone that you want to come in and do repairs on your house, especially if this is not a company you know or it is a company from another state, run a background check on that company to make sure that they are a legitimate company, have the appropriate business licenses and will actually do the work and not just file claims against your insurance and disappear. AAA Credit Screening can help you with those background check reports. Give us a call at 1-888-282-0447 and we will help you through the process. Please be safe and vigilant and take care of yourselves!

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* AAA Credit Screening Services is not an expert in hurricane recovery, these suggestions above are meant to assist our neighbors in decision making and protecting them against questionable businesses.

If You Need Help

If You Would Like To Help

Be on the lookout for scams when making donations, just like with repair people, there are many people preying on people's kindness asking for donations