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Nanny Screening services are now provided by AAA Credit Screening Services. If you have someone in mind that you want to leave your children with while you are at work during the school year as well as the summer, running a background check will give you peace of mind. Nanny screenings can include criminal records, identity confirmation, driving records (if they are planning on driving your children around, this is essential) and more.

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Nanny Screening

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AAACSS now provides Nanny Screening
There are always concerns when you bring someone into your home, whether it is to service your appliances, or pour some concrete, but especially when you want someone to take care of your children.  These days one cannot be too careful when it comes to knowing who you are allowing into your home.  Running background checks on perspective nannies or caretakers can provide you with some peace of mind when you leave your home in the rear-view mirror. 

Sex Offender Search

Free Sex Offender Searches
Parents hiring caretakers to come into their home to take care of their children or even elderly parents are tasked with making sure that their loved ones are in the hands of a capable, responsible nannies or care takers with a clean criminal record. AAA Credit Screening can run criminal background checks, driving records and more on prospective caretakers or nannies on your behalf, but you can also find out if your candidate is a registered sex offender by searching the US Department of Justice's website dedicated to the topic.