AAA Credit Screening Joins the Society for Human Resource Management

September 12, 2017
AAA Credit Screening Services has joined the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a global organization which currently represents more than 285,000 human resource professionals in more than 165 countries.

SHRM shares with AAA Credit Screening Services a dedication to serving the needs of human resource professionals, worldwide. AAA Credit Screening’s partnership with SHRM will allow the company to provide employment credit and background screening services to SHRM’s human resource managers, saving valuable time and money for human resource departments by outsourcing their pre-employment screening process to a third-party consumer reporting agency.

Hurricane Harvey hits Texas

August 31, 2017
Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard during the past week and continues to be a source of destruction as rivers and reservoirs are breached leaving people with wrecked nerves hoping that their levys will hold.

The aftermath of such a historical storm will continue on for months if not years while victims try to pick up the pieces and rebuild, but rebuild they will! It has been amazing to see how people from all over have come together to help out neighbords and complete strangers! READ MORE

AAA Credit Screening Services now provides Nanny Screening

May 2, 2017
Houston, TX AAA Credit Screening Services is now providing Nanny screenings just in time for the summer holidays.  There are always concerns when you bring someone into your home, whether it is to service your appliances, or pour some concrete, but especially when you want someone to take care of your children.  These days one cannot be too careful when it comes to knowing who you are allowing into your home.  Running background checks on perspective nannies or caretakers can provide you with some peace of mind when you leave your home in the rear-view mirror. 

According to the National Children’s Alliance, close 683,000 children were victims of abuse or neglect, in 2015.  40% of those by a parent or caregiver of the child and 90% of abusers were known to the child in some way.  Parents need to do what they can to help minimize the risk to their children.  Background checks can’t make up for parents or family members’ actions, but they can help with caregivers that are let into their homes.  Children under the age of 12 make up for 74% of victims, and the younger, the less chance of them being able to communicate or report the events to parents, so it is imperative to do due diligence before, rather than damage control after. Nanny background checks can provide you with an individual’s criminal records, which will include child abuse/neglect records IF police were involved, driving records, imperative if you have someone driving your kids around the neighborhood, social security checks, to confirm their identity and reference checks.

AAA Credit Screening services has provided credit checks and background reports since 1997 and is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (napbs) and strives to provide customers with excellent customer service and fast turnaround on reports.

AAA Credit Screening Services launches NEW website at

Houston, TX.  AAA Credit Screening Services has launched a NEW website at enabling potential and current customers to navigate and order a wide variety of services with ease.  Clean and clear links allow employers, landlords or property managers to locate the services and forms they need with just a few clicks.

AAA Credit Screening Services is dedicated to providing fast and efficient services to their customers and this new website combined with the new reporting platform TazWorks that was recently implemented allows them to continue to provide customers with the most up to date pre-employment, criminal records, credit reporting and tenant screening services available.

The new website promises a positive customer experience and ease in navigation.  Forecasts on future updates for this website includes a company store which would enable customers to place more orders and pay for services directly from the site.

NEW InstaScreen platform streamlines access to reporting

AAA Credit Screening implements new platform for online report retrieval

June 13, 2016
Clients can now access their reports online via a secure link and login and can see pending and past reports at the click of a button. The new platform is much easier to use than the previous system. Clients no longer have to wait for reports to be e-mailed to them, they can access the system and see reports on their PCs or tablets, at home, the office or on the go!

Business Background Reports Now Offered by AAA Credit Screening Services

Premier Background Screening Company Expands Product Line to Serve Customers

October 20, 2014
Houston, TX: Today, AAA Credit Screening Services, LLC, a premier background screening provider, announced that they have partnered with Experian Business Information Services to offer business credit reports. Offering comprehensive reports detailing financial stability, collection activity, and portfolio analysis for companies of all sizes continues an aggressive strategy by AAA Credit Screening Services to enhance their leadership in the background screening industry.

AAA Credit Screening Services, a closely held company with over 17 years in the background screening business, announced that this expansion would further enable their clients’ ability to determine creditworthiness of potential business partners and business to business lending. Identifying fraudulent business practices and improving risk management are important examples of how AAA Credit Screening Services is aiding the business community.

AAA Credit Screening Services Now Offers D.O.T. Approved Employment Screenings

Monday, July 28, 2014
AAA Credit Screening Services, LLC, a premier background screening provider is announcing that they have expanded their product line to include Department of Transportation approved employment background screenings.  The expansion includes full service employment drug testing encompassing both urine and hair sampling with a variety of ordering options.

AAA Credit Screening Recognized By NAPBS

November 14, 2013
Houston, TX- AAA Credit Screening Services LLC, a respected background screening firm, is pleased to announce that it has been accepted for membership into the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

AAA Credit Screening Services, in business since 1997, continues to excel in the background screening industry and strives to provide employers with timely and accurate background screening information as well as tenant screening for landlords.