Other Services

Motor Vehicle Reports

Looking for a comprehensive driving record check on an individual’s driver’s license Tenant Background Screeningnumber? Motor vehicle reports verify the identity of the individual associated with the license number, as well as the license’s status (e.g. valid, suspended, or revoked), class, and any violations or convictions associated with the license, including information on traffic and speeding tickets. AAA Credit Screening offers these affordable checks all over the United States and Canada. READ MORE

Business Credit Reports

Before dealing with a business, find out everything there is to know about how they pay business credit reportstheir bills, how they rank against other businesses in their field, and how many trade lines they have open. Using one of our business credit reports, you can lower your risk of entering into a contract with a business that is not going to hold up their end of the agreement. READ MORE

Consumer Credit Reports

Consumer credit reports contain details of an individual’s credit and payment history. They also contain the applicant’s credit score and any public records on their file, such as bankruptcies filed for or judgements filed against them. This report allows for you to understand and avoid risk before extending credit to individuals. READ MORE

Social Security Number Verification

Social Security number verification reports allow for you to identify the name, issue date, and current status (such as “active and in use” or “deceased”) associated with a given Social Security number. ORDER NOW

Drug Screening Services

For employers who need drug screening or other occupational healthdrug screening services with fast results, we contract with a 3rd party testing facility to provide you with fast results. For more informtaion on drug screening services please look at our drug screening information page.