How can I verify a candidate’s current or past income when

employment verifications

don’t release salary?

income verification Whether you are running a pre-employment screening or a tenant background check, you will probably find that it is important for you to know what your applicant’s salary or income is. For employers, it is good to know how past companies valued your applicant, and if you are offering a competitive rate. For apartments, property managers, landlords, or creditors, it is very important for you know how much your applicant’s income is before you make an offer; otherwise, how can you ensure they will pay their rent or debt to you?

While a standard employment verification will usually include information such as position, hire date, and end date, salary will only be included if the company will release that information. The problem is, many companies are becoming more and more strict with their policies on releasing salary information. They don’t want you taking the information from their payroll department and using it to make their employees a better offer!

There is also the problem of individuals who are self-employed. If Joe Smith tells you he owns his company, and he’s the only one who can verify that information, would you really trust what he has to say about himself?

How, then, can you know for sure what your applicant’s income is? AAA Credit Screening is able to provide a solution: the Income Check.

Our Income Check verification is different from a standard employment verification in that the information comes directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Income Checks from AAA Credit Screening will pull all income information for the requested individual for the past two years. This includes income from traditional salaries or wages, but also non-traditional forms of income, such as self-employment, SSI (disability benefits), child support, and more. Any income that the individual had to report on their taxes (that is, any substantial form of income) will be included on the Income Check report.

For more information, or if you’re interested in obtaining an Income Check on one of your applicants, contact AAA Credit Screening today! Ordering an Income Check is quick and easy, but it’s important to get the process started as soon as possible to give the IRS enough time to handle the request.