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Affordable Background & Credit Check Prices


Individual Products   List Price   Description
Business Summary   $35.07   Business Credit Report - Credit Snapshot with Legal Data
Business Profile   $61.05   Business Credit Report - Detailed List of Trade/Legal Data, "Days beyond Term" payment history
CDLIS Report   $29.00   Commercial License Driving Record History (Infractions/Violations reported on up to 3 CDL numbers for past 3 yrs)
Check Funds Verification   $12.99   Check Funds Availability Verification with Subject's bank
Commercial Intelliscore   $41.57   Business Credit Report - One Page Report with Business Credit Score and Legal Data
County Civil Record Search   $43.30   Civil history records provide information about claims, suits and judgments filed by individuals or corporations against other private parties or corporations. Examples of findings include divorce, product liability suits, violation of civil rights, judgments, nonpayment of goods and other similar cases. These cases can be found at county levels.
Countywide/Parish wide Criminal Search   $32.48   This search is a manual search of a specified county courthouse.This search is performed by trained court record researchers.
Developed International Profile   **   International Business Credit Report - Hand Gathered Legal and Trade Data
Education Verification   $12.99   Verification of Education (Degree or High School Diploma)
Employment Verification   $12.99   Verification of Current or Previous Employment
Equifax Canadian Business Credit Report   **   International Business Credit Report - Hand Gathered Legal and Trade Data
Equifax Canadian Credit Report   $29.23   Equifax Canadian Credit Report with Score
Equifax Credit Report   $29.23   Equifax Credit Report with Score
Equifax Employment Credit Report   $32.48   Equifax Credit Report without score & with a List of Employees rights under FCRA
Eviction (NATIONwide) Search   $21.65   Name Only Nationwide Search for Eviction Filings
Federal Civil Record Search   $32.48   All records stored at the Federal District Civil Court level by name match only and/or Nature of Suit.
Federal Criminal Search   $27.06   These records represent cases brought by the Federal Government against an individual or corporation for actions in violation of Federal Laws. There are 241 US District Courts, with each state housing one to four federal district courts. The Federal Criminal Record search is not a nationwide search. Records are recorded at each Federal district and must be searched per Federal district.
Income Check   $23.82   Order tax transcripts as proof of income and employment for self employed applicants. Information provided directly from the IRS.
International Criminal Search   $54.13+   7 Year Criminal History Search
Landlord Verification   $12.99   Verification of Current & Previous Rental History
License Plate Search   $16.24   Provides Name & Address by reverse lookup of License Plate on vehicle
Micro-Merge Credit Report   $37.89   Merged Equifax/Trans Union Credit Report; provides score if applicable
Motor Vehicle Report   $29.00+   Driving Record History (Infractions/Violations); state information varies from 3-7 years; CT/DL/DC/MS/VT/HI/OK/RI have additional costs. Please contact customer service for more information.
Nationwide Criminal Search   $43.30   Searches more than 245 million criminal records from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC) and state sex offender registries covering all 50 states and Washington, DC. Report indexed by Name and DOB; not recommended for common names
Professional License Verification   $21.65   Verification of the type of certification and date of issuance and, if applicable, expiration, as well as any comments, honors, or actions related to the certification.
Sex offender Registry   *   Please see the link on our website for your state's listing. This report is FREE!
SSN Verification Report   $16.24   Verification and Validation of SSN issuance
Statewide Criminal Search   $27.06   This search varies from state to state according to state's accessibility. Records include convictions from the Department of Corrections, or felony and misdemeanor convictions from the state's repository.
Trans Union Credit Report   $29.23   Trans Union Credit Report with Score
Trans Union Employment Credit Report   $32.48   Trans Union Credit Report without score
UK Business Credit Report Profile   **   International Business Credit Report - Hand Gathered Legal and Trade Data
VIN Search   $16.24   Provides Name & Address by reverse lookup of VIN number on vehicle
Wants & Warrants Search   $32.48   This is a nationwide search of local, county, state and Federal Extraditable Warrants, and may include Misdemeanors or Felonies. Not all law enforcement agencies contribute to this database
Workers Compensation Report   $43.30   Provides the injury description, injury date, filing date, weekly compensation rate, and compensation dates. The availability varies by state. Signed releases authorizing a background check may need to be faxed directly to the record holder and some states have specific forms they require. All employers should verify they are in compliance with the ADA and FCRA.

Education, Credentials, Employment Verification & More

Package Products   List Price   Description
Special   $48.71   Credit Report/Statewide Criminal Search
Partial Tenant Screen   $54.13   Credit Report/Landlord Verification/Employment Verification/Funds Verification (Optional)
Full Tenant Screen   $70.36   Credit Report/Landlord Verification/Employment Verification/Criminal Report/Funds Verification (Optional)
Full Employment Screen   $64.95   Employment Credit Report/Employment Verification/Criminal Report/Education Verification (Optional)
Quick Screen Package   $92.01   Statewide Criminal Records Check/Credit Report/Proir Address Search/SSN Search and Verifications/Current/Previous Employment Verifications
Senior Package   $156.96   County Criminal Records Check/Credit Report/Education Verification/Current-Previous Employment Verification/Federal Felony Records Search/Driving Records/Prior Address Search/Social Security Search and Verification
Executive Package   $265.21   State and County Criminal Records Check/Credit Report/Bankruptcy Search/Civil Lawsuit Records Search/Education Verification/Current-Previous Employment Verification/Federal Civil and Felony Records Search/Driving Records/Prior Address Search/Social Security Search and Verification/National Wants and Warrants Search/Workers Compensation Claims
Additional Fees   List Price   Description
Employment Verification Fee   $26.50+   Employment Verification fee (If Applicable)
Education Verification Fee   $12.50+   Education Verification fee (If Applicable)
Court Access Fees   1.00+   County Criminal Search Court Access Fees

**depends on business/circumstances- contact our office for specifics