Tenant Screening & Credit Checks

Getting Started

Your account can be activated within 20 minutes during business hours. Just click on this button to complete the Customer Service Agreement to get started.

tenant sceening

There is no charge to sign up. However, there is a Client Service Agreement and confidentiality agreement that you need to review and agree to before you can use the service. We must establish your identity and your permissible purpose for obtaining consumer information.

Note that this is a secure webpage. You may need to click Yes if you receive a Security Warning from your web browser. This is perfectly normal and represents no threat to your computer. All files are virus and adware free.)

The turn around time for the reports ordered during business hours is 1 hour, and ONCE YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY AAA CREDIT SCREENING SERVICES, you may direct your applicants to the link below. Applicants can submit their forms online for faster, more convenient processing.

To run background and credit checks on prospective tenants, your company needs to complete the following forms:

Prospective tenants must fill out the forms below:

For more forms, sample reports, etc. please click on SAMPLE Background Screening Reports

Call 1-888-282-0447 if you have any questions submitting your paperwork.

You can submit your forms 1 out of 3 ways:

  • Complete the online forms a the links above
  • Download, completing and faxing the forms above to 888-286-7128
  • Download, completeing and emailing the forms above - call us for E-mail address
NOTE: Some reports may require you to fax/email additional documents. You will be notified if documents are needed when you call.

AAA will activate your account when documents are received.

If application or documents are submitted after office hours, AAA will activate you the next business day. Please make sure that your documents are faxed or emailed to AAA. Also note that the documents need to show the rental property address and your name (they need to be clear enough so AAA operators can read them).

California Customers

Click here to submit your California addendum or print and fax this California addendum if you do not wish to use our online form

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