Make your screening process faster and easier than ever by using the QuickApp™!

The NEW QuickApp™ system allows for faster reporting and enables customers to move on with other tasks while AAA Credit Screening does the follow up work for you!

Eliminate costly mistakes

Applicants submit their application online, removing the delays and mistakes involved with reviewing applications.

Signed, certified

Applicants e-sign their application and are given all proper disclosures.


Limit applications by quantity or time, and choose whether you want instant processing or a hold for quality review.

Notifications and reminders

Reminders are sent to applicants with incomplete applications. You and the applicant will receive confirmation emails when the application is complete, and when the report is available for viewing.

Hassle-free overview

Applicant pending queue allows you to view all QuickAppsTM at any time in the application process.

Review the forms at any time

Application, disclosure, and consent forms can all be found in the attachments section of the Instascreen results page.

Flexible options

Applicants can decline to complete their application electronically and instead print the application to turn in via fax/mail/hand delivery

Embeded web application

Customized application link that can be placed on your website, eliminating the need to email applications

Customizable brandable

Web applications customized to list positions or options suited to your needs, and website is branded to your company with logos and a custom domain


This is a 1 time setup charge
There is no montly charges for this service.



How it works:

Many times, when screening applicants, you may find it too difficult or time-consuming to procure the completed application, signature, and proper disclosures. Even if you have your applicant fill out these forms, there is the delay for them to return them to you, and then for them to reach your screening company, AAA Credit Screening, by email or fax. After AAA Credit Screening receives the applications, there is the problem of applicant handwriting, which can sometimes be illegible, leading to mistakes in data entry or delays in the report’s processing.

The QuickApp™ is an exciting feature now available to all of AAA Credit Screening’s clients that offers a solution to all of these problems and more! With the QuickApp™, you provide AAA Credit Screening with the applicant’s name and email (either by sending this information to us or by entering it in to our online system), applicants are sent a link to their email address, and from there complete an online application for screening, eliminating the need to decipher illegible handwriting and cutting down data entry time that delays the processing of your report. Applicants electronically sign their consent to credit and/or background screening, and all appropriate disclosures are electronically delivered in the application process. On completing their application for screening, both you and the applicant will receive a confirmation email. You will get another notification when the full report is available for viewing.

The QuickApp™ is customizable to your needs. Have a time-sensitive rental application? What about a job position that is only taking a limited number of applicants? You decide how many days the applicant has to fill out the application, whether you want instant processing or quality review, and whether you want to stop accepting applications after a certain number.

Worried your applicants may forget to fully complete the application? The QuickApp™ system will automatically send out reminder emails to applicants who have started, but not fully completed their applications.

For AAA Credit Screening’s clients who like to keep track of their pending reports, the applicant pending queue allows you to view all QuickApp™, including those that have been sent out to applicants but have not been started, those that have been started, and those that have been completed but require quality review. If for any reason you need to view the applicant’s submitted forms, the application, disclosure, and consent forms can all be found in the attachments section of the InstaScreen results page.

The QuickApp™ Pro does everything the QuickApp™ does, with even more customizable features and functionality to streamline the reporting process. Whereas the basic QuickApp™ requires you to send AAA Credit Screening the names and email addresses of your applicants or input them into InstaScreen, the QuickAppTM Pro saves time by allowing for you, our client, to embed a link on your website that will direct all applicants to a customized web application, made just for your screening needs! This application can be branded to fit your business, making it perfect for employers, creditors, apartments, realtors, and property managers. The web application can be customized to offer different positions or options for applicants to choose from when applying, which can be useful for employers who use different kinds of screenings based on the job being applied for, or for apartments or landlords with different rental property options.

The QuickAppTM Pro has a flat-rate startup fee of $20. This one-time cost will cover creation and customization of your web application.

If you are interested in utilizing the QuickApp™ or QuickApp™ Pro, contact AAA Credit Screening today!