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Reference Checks for Employment Screening

AAACSS is your extended HR Dept. performing Reference Checks on prospective employees

Reference checks during the employment screening process can be an invaluable tool in assessing the character or a prospective employee. Employers realize that an applicant's resume is only a segment of who a person is, which is why they ask applicants for references during the application process. It is a tedious activity to call and talk to former employers and personal references, however, valuable information can be gathered during the process. AAA Credit Screening Services would be happy to make these calls on your behalf during the employment background screening process.

Gathering valuable information about prospective employees can save and employer time and money in the long run by eliminating unworthy candidates before they are hired. Once an employee has been hired, time and money is spent on training that new employee. If one finds out that this employee's character doesn't fit with the rest of the staff, it can cause friction in the workplace, leading to termination and of course unemployment claims which employers would of course like to avoid.
Tenant Background Screening
As part of the employment background check process, AAA Credit Screening Services can conduct reference checks, prior employment verification, criminal background checks, driving record checks (for anyone you allow behind the wheel of a company vehicle - or just another way to check into their character), education and credential verification, drug screening and more. AAACSS would be happy to customize packages for you, or you can pick one of the ones we have assembled already by clicking here.

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