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Parents hiring caretakers to come into their home to take care of their children or even elderly parents are tasked with making sure that their loved ones are in the hands of a capable, responsible nannies or care takers with a clean criminal record. AAA Credit Screening can run criminal background checks, driving records and more on prospective caretakers or nannies on your behalf, but you can also find out if your candidate is a registered sex offender by searching the US Department of Justice's website dedicated to the topic.

You can search based on your address to see if you have any registred sex offenders that live close to your home or a person's name and the area that they live in, in the case of potential care takers. Unfortunately, offenders sometimes move to new areas and don't register as they should and that would make it hard to track down if they were sex offenders in another city, county or state. If you don't know where a person has lived in the past, it may make it difficult to find the necessary information on the government website, however, AAACSS can run aprior address check and can then search for criminal records in the appropriate jurisdictions to see if the person has committed any offenses elsewhere.

The Justice Department site also provides a variety of educational information about sexual abuse, talking to your children about the topic and getting help when needed.

To run a free Sex Offender Search visit:

United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website

Statistics on Sexual Abuse

  • Only 30% of Sexual Abuse cases involving Children are reported to authorities
  • Only 16% of adult rapes are reported to authorities
  • In 60% of child sexual abuse cases, the offender is known by the child, but not a family member
  • Aproximately 30% of child sexual abuse cases involve a family member
* Information from the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website

For more information and statistics check out Facts & Statistics

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