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Know what employers CAN and CAN'T find out about applicants!

Violence, theft and criminal activity have become greater risks in the workplace, which necessitates the task of pre- employment screening and employee background checks. That's why employers are taking interest in performing criminal background checks in addition to asking about criminal records on job applications. In fact, employers who fail to take reasonable precautions about those they hire can be sued if an employee with a criminal background harms someone.  A Background Check Company relieves the employer of this time-consuming task by providing data regarding employment and pre-employment screening services in an easy, prompt and expedient manner. READ MORE


The More You Know...Drug Testing

How your company is losing money by employing a drug abuser:

  • The medical costs of an employee that uses drugs is 300% higher which increases insurance rates –(US Chamber of Commerce)
  • Worker’s Comp claims are 5 times more likely to be filed by drug users – (US Dept of Labor)
  • Roughly 30% - 50% of all Workers Comp claims are related to drug abuse in the work place – (US Dept of Labor)
  • Drug Abuse/Addiction will likely cause an employee to only function at about 67% of his/her capacity – (National Institute on Drug Addiction)
  • On average a drug abusing employee is 3 times more likely to be tardy to their shift and have an absentee rate of 30-35 days per year – (US Dept of Labor) READ MORE

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Employment Screening

  1. Why is there not a score on the credit report?

    Employment Credit Reports contain consumer identifiers, address information, employment information, other names used, public record information, and credit history showing how financial obligations are handled. There is not a credit score because it is illegal for a credit score to be provided for employment purposes.
  2. Why does it take up to 3 days for employment verifications?

    Employment verifications are done by phone, fax, or email and does require a response from current/previous employer. We will attempt to make contact to obtain information for at least 3 business days. READ MORE

Utilize Our Online Background Check Reports So You Can Better Protect Your Business!  

It’s impossible to see into the future and know exactly how everything is going to turn out. Although a crystal ball would come in handy for businesses when hiring, there are ways to improve the chances of hiring someone who will make a positive impact rather than a negative one. By performing a comprehensive online background check on job candidates, businesses can improve their chances of hiring a winner. READ MORE