Driving Records

Driving Records


Motor Vehicle Records Checks

Driving Records or Motor Vechicle Record (MVRs) Checks can help you eliminate risk before you allow an employee behind the wheel of a company vehicle. Find out before you hire that driver, what his/her driving history was on his/her last job, or in another state? Low cost Driving Record/Motor Vehicle Record checks are provided for every state in the US and Canada.

Driving Records - MVRs

Driving record checks are nationwide (where permitted by law).

For your insurance company's requirements, or for your own peace of mind, let us check the driving record of anyone who drives company vehicles. Before you hire that driver, what was his driving history on his last job, or in another state?

Driving record checks


driving records
  • Accidents
  • Traffic Violations
  • Suspensions
  • Drug or Alcohol Related Convictions
  • Address
  • License Status
  • Date of Issuance/Expiration
  • Driver's Physical Description
  • Tickets, DUI's, License Suspensions & More

Client Testimonial

"AAA service was EXCELLENT. I sent my fax last night and got a call this morning for clarification on 2 people. Then I received my reports in the same day. Very good, very professional service.

Mike Miller
Miller Group, Inc.

Turn-around Time:

2 Business Days (except for the states which require consent forms or mail-in forms)
Rush Service available for some states.

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driving records

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